Institutional Distinctiveness

Performance of the Institution in one Area Distinctive to its Vision, Priority and Thrust

The Vision of the Institute focuses on four aspects essentially: Global Standards, quality and value-based Education, Interdisciplinary Research, and Personality Development of the students. The Institute has established its distinctive approach towards this comprehensive Vision. All the faculty members are encouraged and kept updated for applying in research grant projects. The students participate in the state and national level competition and the best ideas are rewarded.

In last semester of the degree programme, the students are guided to work on innovative project ideas. In keeping with the institution's vision of imparting quality education with values in a holistic way for one and all, Women's College has always given priority to the all-round development of women to empower them. Accordingly, the institution stresses on outreach programmes and inculcates in its students an awareness of the value of holistic education and empathy for the less privileged sections of society.

The NSS Unit of Women's College organizes regular outreach programmes for the student community. The institution also aims at imparting complete education to girl students possessing depth of knowledge not only in their respective disciplines but in all the kindred areas so that they can achieve relentless strength to cope up with the challenges of the society.

Accordingly, the institution gives priority in organizing various educational and awareness programmes to make its students more laborious, self-reliant, skilled and enthusiastic to accomplish their task confidently and to face the challenges of the fast changing world gallantly.