Students' Union

Every year at the beginning of an Academic Session election is organised by the members of the Students' Council. The election of Students' Union Council is held following the procedures written in the Constitution of Students' Union Council of the College as well as by the directives of the Higher Authority of the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Tripura. By virtue of the post, Principal is the President of the Students'Union Council. Other members like Vice-President, Secretary and Convenors and Members etc. are elected.

The Students' Council members help the College authority in various ways. They take part as volunteers for smooth completion of admission process of the College every year. They conduct the Freshers Welcome Ceremony and the cultural activities of the College and keep constant touch with the College Principal and respected members of Teachers' Council for day to day smooth running as well as for improvement of the College in all respect. The Students' Council also raise voices for overall welfare of each and every students of the College and inmates of the College hostel. The Principal also tries to solve the problems of the students immediately as far as practicable and possible.