Teachers' Council

Teachers' Council Body

President: Smt. Manidipa Debbarma
Secretary: Smt. Sarbari Nath (Associate Professor, Department of English)
Jt. Secretary: Dr. Anuradha Debbarma (Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi)
Jt. Secretary: Smt. Tapasi Das (PGT, Department of History)
Treasurer: Sri Naresh Debnath (PGT, Dept of Political Science)

Teacher's Code of Conduct

Sanctioned Post

Activities of the Teachers' Council

Teachers' Council is formed every year at the beginning of an academic Session. By virtue of the post Principal/Principal I/C is the President of the Council. By election Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Council are elected along with the following Sub-Committees.

1. Academic and Examination Committee. 2. Development Committee. 3. Social Entertainment. 4. Drama. 5. Library. 6. Games and Sports. 7. Indoor Games Sports. 8. Student's Council Election. 9. College Magazine. 10. Student's Welfare. 11. Debate and Literary Activities. 12. College Discipline. 13. College Beautification.

For each of the above-mentioned Sub-Committees a convener and few members are elected by the members of the Teachers.

  • Academic & Examination Committee:- This is the most important committee, which help the college authority in the preparation of duty chart of the teachers for smooth conduct of all the College and university Exam and Admission Process.
  • Development Committee:- This committee is engaged for overall development activities of the college. It helps the college authority to raise before the higher authority the urgent need for development of the college. It also point out the defect of constructions, if any to the authority of the college and also does the needful for its correction.
  • Drama committee:- This committee prepare the students for taking part in drama competition in the college and the institution.
  • Library committee:- This committee is hold responsible for overall welfare and improvement of the library and advise the library staff in all respects for completion of the activities of the library smoothly and peacefully.
  • Games and Sports committee:- This committee inspire the students for taking part in games and sports and it helps the students for smooth competition of the Annual Sports day of the college It also involve all the teachers of the college in various ways for smooth running of the college games & sports. It also takes care of the participating students in various sports competition organised by T.U. sports board of the institution.
  • Indoor games & Sports:- This committee looks after the smooth running of the various indoor Games and Sports like Chess, Lodu, Cards, Chinese Chacker etc.
  • Students Council Election:- This committee conducts the election of student's council of the college and landam the results of the election to the college authority for formation of students Union Council each year.
  • College Magazine:- This committee is held responsible for publication of college magazine Aparajita.
  • Student's Welfare:- The members of the committee actually advice the college authority for helping poor and PVL students for financial help from student's welfare fund.
  • Debates & Liberty Activities:- This committee is responsible for preparing the students to take part in Debates competition organized by the college itself guest by other organization/institution.
  • College Discipline Committee:- The committee members are always engaged for maintenance of discipline in the college in all respects. They solve the problems of untoward incidences in the college to help the college authority for proper maintenance of discipline in the college.
  • College Beautification Committee:- The committee member are responsible for overall beautification of the college and do the needful to increase the beauty of the college as far as possible.
  • Data and documentation Committee:- The Secretary and Jt. Secretary of the Teacher's Council help the Principal of the College in all respect for proper completion of overall activities of the college.