ICT Enabled Classrooms & Seminar Halls

Fig:-Physics Classroom (Interactive Board)

Fig:-Science-B (Projector & Screen)

Fig:-Smart Classroom (Projector & Screen)

Teaching Learning Tools

Student Enrolment and Profile

Information regarding the details of admission procedure and publication of merit lists are notified on the College Website as well as on the College notice board. Important dates are also announced in print and electronic media. Application forms are available on-line and submitted off-line only. Merit lists for Major course is prepared based on H.S. Total Marks + Subject Mark for all categories of students for UG courses. Finally admission is made strictly on the basis of merit and reservation policy of Government through open counseling. There is no scope of any manipulation in the entire admission process.

Teaching-Learning Process

The College follows a well planned schedule. For Academic Calendar of the College that depicts schedules of classes and examinations is prepared through the meeting of the Head of the Departments and the Principal of the College. In addition to the University examinations the College maintains an internal evaluation process.

  1. Class tests
  2. College Examinations: Mid-Term sessional examinations are conducted during September - November (for 1st Semester) and February - April (for 2nd Semester)

The learning is made more student centric as the college provides a well stocked library with the latest books and Journals.

Students of Botany, Human Physiology, Zoology and Geography complete project work as part of their academic curriculum and participate in educational excursions.

Technologies and facilities available for effective teaching

  • LCD projectors
  • Internet
  • Computer Science Department uses SQL
  • Searching books through LAN connected computers in the library
  • Advantage of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NME-ICT) is also availed by the institute
  • The Library has INFLIBNET facility, a UGC portal through which the teachers and students can have access to useful journals and e-books

Innovative teaching methods are adopted by the faculty members through both conventional and technological advantages. The available technological facilities have been mentioned above. The Institute encourages the faculty to participate in teaching oriented programmes/seminars.

This is needless to mention that each teacher applies his/her own skill in the teaching learning system. To make the subject more interesting following strategies are adopted:

  • Film shows and lectures by the English department. Classes on Communicative English by external experts are held regularly.
  • Political Science department conducts News reading Sessions and discussions on current political affairs which are held to acquaint the students with international, national and local news.
  • The departments of Botany, Zoology and Mathematics have well equipped ICT facilities. Students are taken for educational excursions and take up projects following UG modules.
  • Departments like English, History, Economics, Physics occasionally use teaching aids such as LCD projector, Audio-visual system etc. to make the teaching learning process more meaningful.
  • The College organizes interdisciplinary seminars and workshops to open up new avenues of thinking for the students.
  • The departments invite eminent academicians, scientists, INSA Awardee, visitors to act as resource persons in Faculty-Students’ enrichment programmes.
  • Special lectures using power point presentations are delivered by faculties and external speakers to enhance the learning process.
  • The college provides free internet facilities to all faculty and students.
  • The Principal as Head of the Institution promotes, encourages and helps the academic activities by arranging grants, contacting eminent academicians etc.

Such strategies have a positive impact on our students as is evident from excellent result at UG level. They also perform well in competitive exams and get good placements.

Teaching Learning