Mission & Vision


The mission of our college has always been the development of a complete woman. Today there is hardly any area where women have not excelled. Being the only Women’s College in the entire state, the main goals and objectives of our College is to achieve and maintain excellence in student performance with respect to grades, discipline, placement, extra-curricular activities and social work. Besides this our mission is also to :

  • Provide value based education.
  • Mould the character of the younger generation.
  • Have such a system of education which will facilitate the over all development of the personality of the students.
  • To inculcate ethical and moral values in the students and encourage them to become integrated honest citizens capable of handling their careers and lives effectively.


  • To become a college of excellence and earn a reputation not only in the state but in the national level too.
  • To constantly strive towards modernization and excellence in infrastructure activities.
  • To maintain excellence in student performance.
  • To consistently achieve a high level of quality of the faculty in :-
    • Educational qualification.
    • Teaching competence.
    • Research output.
    • Innovation.
    • Leadership.
    • Excellence in administration.
    • Mentoring.

Women’s College aims at the development of each student and focuses on a comprehensive and balanced education. The College strives to inculcate ethical and moral values in the students and encourages them to become integrated, honest and responsible citizens.